Monday, August 04, 2008

Migraine Monday

I'm not certain *why* I feel like someone is driving a nail through my left eye socket... it was a good day, meeting the rest of the staff at my new school, getting a "feel" for the rhythm of my colleagues, and witnessing the dynamics of what will be our staff meeting routine for the remainder of the year. The other teachers "new" to the school and I are going to supply treats and nummies in the lounge on Friday morning as our "Hello and Thanks for Having Us" gift, and Mother Nature and Advil willing, I'll get some ideas for my hallway bulletin board displays generated and prepped this evening.

My husband's big screen t.v. and stereo surround sound system arrived today (the Father's Day gift I won thanks to and GoodyBlog's AWESOME giveaway earlier this summer) which made for a terrific afternoon (I'll post photos of Happy Daddy later this week), and some terrific bloggers emailed or left comments for me too. I can't wait to visit their blogs and update my blogroll this weekend!

Still, *pound* *pound* *pound*.

It might have started with these:

I was the photographer, but tell me, dear readers, where do you think I snapped photos of the pond, waterfall, banisters, lightposts, clocks, lush foliage, and vast expanses of windows and pillars?

Posted later in the evening:

Heh heh heh, no, it's not my new school, but it IS another elementary school in the district. Yes, those are INTERIOR shots! Most people ask "Where's the Starbucks" or "Where's the Barnes and Noble" when they walk in!

It's migraine inducing because after working at Title 1 schools for so long, trying to "equalize" and "bring balance" and "cure social ills," by being a teacher in those districts, neighborhoods, and states, seeing all of this, along with the amazing library, computer lab, huge classrooms, hotel style cafeteria (the shot with all of the windows), Smartboards in every room etc. made me VERY aware that no matter how much I've been told that we're working to provide EVERY child with a quality, "standardized" across-the-board/nation-education... there is NO WAY that is happening when some students have what I've photographed (and much more) while others have next to nothing.


  1. OMG- Is that your school????? WOW! Beautiful! And, real fish! Can you believe that!? We get in trouble for that sort of thing now days. Hope your headache goes away. I was waiting for a blog post from you today, so glad you were able to post. I enjoy reading & learning!

  2. Oh wow... I hope it is your new school! Wouldn't that be wonderful place to hang out with short people all year!

  3. I can't believe that's a school. And I completely agree with you about how every child is not getting the same type of education. It is heart breaking to know that no matter what, if you're parents have money, you will get a better education. And it isn't the childs fault or privilage of how much money thier parents make. Makes me sick!

  4. Yep, my thoughts exactly. What I find interesting is that my new district is made up of PUBLIC schools. Public. Not charters, not private. Public. And I appreciate and admire the resources made available to our students. My school has a "dome theater," (think planetarium), and every school has not one, but two computer labs and a full mobile lab (cart). We have "21st Century" classrooms, very well equipped music, art, and PE rooms... my own classroom was almost fully equipped, which is unheard of! It's wonderful. And it's heartbreaking. Because I know other districts in not only this state but others that have to beg and fight for computers, furniture, equipment, etc.

    It's not equal folks. No matter what. It's not.

  5. That was a school??? Unbelievable. Imagine if all teachers and students went to school each day in a building like that. Think we might actually feel valued? Wow. I'd feel like it was an honor to work there.


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