Monday, August 18, 2008

GoodyBlog, and Samsung, THANK YOU!

Look at this happy face:

At the beginning of the summer, GoodyBlog posted a terrific Father's Day Giveaway, with one of the prizes being a fifty inch television and stereo surround sound system offered by I posted a comment entering the giveaway, but never expected to win. Fast forward two weeks later, and I received an email notifying me that I had won the prize for my husband! He did the happy dance, I did the happy dance, and then Shannon (GoodyBlog) and Sheila ( figured out the logistics of holding the television and stereo surround system for us as we moved from Texas to Kansas.

My husband opened the boxes this weekend, and my goodness, talk about a kid in a candy store! He set up the Samsung Surround Sound System (the wireless speakers are way cool!) which also is a multiple disk dvd player with a station for my iPod, and placed the television (also from Samsung) in its place of honor in the living room:

The picture is sharp, the sound is phenomenal, and my now glued to the couch.

Never fear, dear Readers, the kids and I will shanghai the remote this evening so we can watch a family movie together with popcorn!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Goodyblog, and Samsung!

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  1. This looks like my husband...when he's like this say his name and make sure he's looking at you before you continue talking! Ha! Ha!


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