Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Full Teacher Work Day Tomorrow

...and you know what *that* means! No meetings, no professional development, no inservice topics to discuss. My to-do list? A full page in my notebook. But it's a small notebook. And I'll have Dear Daughter to help. We...will...plow.

Tonight I'll be making the Rolo/Pretzel/Pecan nummies, and tomorrow my house will be smelling delicious as I bake cookies, cookies, and more cookies for my colleagues' Friday treat. When you're new to the staff and can't possibly learn the names of everyone in the school, I highly recommend taking in wonderful treats. It's staff support, I tell you!

Don't tell my grade level colleagues, but I'll be making something for each of them this weekend! We are going to have a GREAT year!


I need to make sure I have my "beginning of the year" kindergarten playlist loaded onto my iPod this weekend. Songs to remember? Shake My Sillies Out, The Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, Purple People Eater, YMCA... and some Summer Solstice selections by Windham Hill for our "Brain Break" time. Can't forget Apples and Bananas (you *know* it's a cool song if Keith Urban will sing it!):


Tomorrow is Show and Share Thursday (hey, I didn't forget this time!) so check back in for some updated photos of the classroom- school starts Monday, so we're in the home stretch!


  1. I know you must be excited to start your year. I would love to hear how you use your IPOD in your classroom.

    And all cool guys sing songs like Apples and Bananas! Check out my hubby!

  2. I soooooo want to be a kindergardener in your classroom. Oh to be 5 again.


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