Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show and Share Thursday: Blast from the Past

There is ONE advantage to packers dumping, shuffling, and resorting your belongings when you move: you stumble across wishes and inspiration from your past!

This was my "dream wedding gown," torn from a bridal magazine when I was either a senior in high school, or a freshman in college, twenty years ago:

What you can't see is the powder pink embroidery along the bodice hem and train. The foofy hair? I *still* try for that look to this day! I love the feminine seed pearls and tulle rosettes along the neckline, and I even love the ribbons hanging from the-not-quite-Star-Wars-fantasy hair barrettes. It's strangely funny and interesting to me that when Dear Husband and I got married so many years later, I wore a white gown, with "rum pink" embroidery, and had ribbons hanging from a bouquet made of tulle and satin rosettes with seed pearls.


*One of my favorite bloggers, Saucy at Bloggedy Blog Blog, just flipped a house with her husband Veto. Here are some before and after photos (amazing!), and while I'm not brave enough, nor have the time or inclination to flip a house myself, she's posted some pretty incredible renovation tips here. Ladies, she even included suggestions for how to store your lip gloss and how to protect your hands, nails, and manicures while you're on site!

*Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting... is making her own military move, family style. HER story had me laughing and crying after our own trip necessitated by Uncle Sam. Military spouses, unite!

*Vicki at This Art That Makes Me Happy has inspired me to try my hand at paper covered letters...once I finish unpacking of course!


Let's get back to the foo-foo-froo-froo, shall we?

It's everything the name implies:

For the Love of Cupcakes and Everything Pink


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