Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Saw Red: Ruby Saturday

It's been almost a week's worth of red at this blog~ I've enjoyed fiddling some more with my camera to try to photograph each crimson, blush, and sunny red that has caught my eye, and today I thought I'd try that little flower button setting on my Kodak Easyshare to capture RUBY...

The setting helped capture my new ruby cell phone (complete with QWERTY keyboard...texting will be soooo much easier now!) as well as the floral details on the mat beneath it:

and worked even more magic when I tried to photograph all of my ruby rings at once. Do you know how many blurry shots I've taken over the years? The flower button just might be my new favorite setting on the camera!

You might think I have a thing for rubies... I admit red is one of my favorite colors, but I didn't have a lot of ruby jewelry until my husband came along. Every year I get a new ring or earrings, but as I don't usually wear more than three rings each day, I have to make sure to rotate through my stash so none of them feel left out.

Awww, poor me.

*snicker snicker*


Off to spend time with friends at a BBQ~ hope you are having a terrific day!


  1. Ooooh I love your red phone!!! And the jewelry too! You are a lucky girl to have a hubby who buys you jewelry. Sounds like a keeper to me! Enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ xoxo Joy

  2. Hi Joy, thanks for dropping by! Yep, the new phone is probably going to keep me from suffering email withdrawals when we move this summer (I could be without my computer for two weeks), so my husband was certainly thinking ahead when he picked it out!

    He's good with rubies, isn't he?



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