Friday, May 30, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

I found out my job placement for the fall:

Whoo hoo! Yipee! Cool beans!


Shannon sent us goodies as well~ look at the pillowcase and toy bags she made for the toddler:

She said the patch was from JodieFlowers Shop on Etsy.

***** KNOW you're a military family when the entire neighborhood is FULL of these:

No silly, not lamp posts! MOVING TRUCKS AND VANS! Our move in late June will be our fourth move in five years. It's gotten a little...old...but such is the Army life.

Packing up the household and making the drive is made easier with the knowledge that friends and a kindergarten classroom are waiting for us back in Oz!

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  1. Congratulations. It's always helped me to gear up for the fall when I know ahead of time that I'll be teaching - 'specially in a place I want to be.

    best of luck with the move,


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