Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mom Thing

I've been doing "the mom thing" today. All day.

I'm going on a trip on Friday- a*four day* trip- back to Oz to see friends, their new babies, and do some treasure hunting. Yes, only four days. Get there on Friday afternoon, and leave around Monday, lunchtime. But to visit Oz, I am leaving my dear husband, my thirteen year old daughter, my toddler son, and my cat here in the Bordertown. For four days. Without moi. So the "mom thing" that I've been doing has included:

~anticipating any and all grocery needs/emergencies/cravings

~ shopping for said groceries

~making sure the laundry is done

~making sure Daughter puts all of her school and social activities on the calendar

~making sure Daddy knows to *check the calendar* in case he has to pick her up from school (and he WILL have to)

~ watering the plants

~ and any other housecleaning-type-jobs that I just won't feel good about leaving undone before leaving.

So when do I pack? When do I figure out what toiletries to take, clothes, shoes, etc? Eh, the night before. Packing doesn't stress me out- I've told friends I'm not a "panic packer." If I forget something, I know how to stop at a store to correct the situation. No, what to wear, what to bring, how much room I'll have to bring stuff home...these things don't bother me.

Imagining the state of disarray the house will be in upon my return...THAT bothers me. While secretly grateful that my husband will have a smidgen of a taste of what I've done for years while he's been TDY or deployed, I still know Daughter will end up taking up the slack. A lot of it. The toddler has entered a Destructo-Mode recently, requiring much more hands-on time, and exponentially more clean-up time, and the cat has begun to feel more comfortable expressing her displeasure with the boy whenever he chases her under the beds or couches. I fear the phone calls I'm going to receive. I've had nightmares for the last two nights in a row. I know, I'm over-reacting, but hey, it's "the mom thing."

More "mom thing" related documentation:

Daughter's Valentine Treat Bags are almost done (just need cookies and the pecan/rolo/pretzel nummies added, then bows tied on), as are her cards:

Cookies? What cookies? Oh yeah, I need to make cookies! Red and pink sugar was added later:

While cleaning out the fridge, I found a lone pie dough roll...oh darn, I guess that means I'll just *have* to make date and marmalade pastries:

For a pick-me-up, I enjoyed a snack, er, "taste test" of the cookies:

...and then right as I was wandering back toward Worrysville, darling husband appeared with these:

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't worry about him, the kids, and the cat...


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