Friday, January 04, 2008

In a Bind(er)


The holidays are over, and while the rest of the house has enjoyed some New Year's cleaning, rearranging and redecorating, the piles of magazines and newspapers have managed to overstay their welcome. I've been clipping and snipping articles, home decor ideas, recipes, inspirational photos, and craft patterns and am ready to add them to my recipe and miscellaneous idea binders.

The rest of the magazines will be donated, but the binders will accompany the family on our next move this summer. I'll have all sorts of ideas for home decor (I know, I know, I seem to put a lot of emphasis on having our home look pretty, but hey, it matters when you've lived in four different homes in five years, with another move and floorplan in the works!), new favorite recipes, craft and activity ideas for the kids, and *should I be hired to teach*, more organization and curriculum ideas for the classroom.

Until then, I'll flip through the crochet patterns I've accumulated and find a nice spring one to keep me busy,pattern1
imagine our new dream home (and keep dreaming),dreamhome
and enjoy the whimsy that my chosen "keepers" have to offer.whimsy

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