Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mother Nature's Holiday Encouragement

Twenty-four hours have certainly made a difference! Perhaps this is Mother Nature's way of getting us in the mood for December.

Before: desert1

After: desert2

Alaskans have to "remember" how to drive with each first snow of winter, sliding through a few red lights or stop signs before getting their winter rhythm down, but here in the Bordertown, I'm guessing we'll be limiting our driving to post *only* today, since most drivers here don't understand the equation:

snow+rain+ice+4 lane highways+ 60 mph speed limits= TROUBLE.

Reading sounds like a good idea today. Here are some of the stories we'll be enjoying with the toddler this month:

...and oh, dear Santa, if you could find this book to add to my collection, you'd make my Christmas!

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