Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Vignette Countdown, Day Three

Lets' see, I've used furniture (my game table by the front door) and part of a Santa collection (yesterday's post) for holiday vignettes... so today we're heading toward the kitchen, stopping off for some candy and nuts hidden among the "silver and gold" of my epergne.


If I can't find vintage Christmas postcards, I'm happy to use reproductions tucked in with the raffia, pinecones, and candle:


This sweet bird is keeping our childrens' baby cups company...they hold just the right amount of mixed nuts, with a cracker and pick nearby:


Santa is driving through, enjoying the gold-glittered pinecones:

I wonder what we'll find in the kitchen tomorrow? Something twinkley, I'm guessing. Until then, here's to finishing up the Christmas cards:

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