Saturday, January 23, 2021

Sharing is Caring: Wizard of Oz/Over the Rainbow Interactive Google Slides

Last summer I took a wonderful series of courses addressing effective digital instruction through Kansas State University. I was able to put to immediate use my ability to create Bitmoji classrooms (which are really just very busy Google Slides) to collect resources that my students and I could use to access curricular, thematic, and frankly FUN content.

With Kansas Day just around the corner, I decided to create a set of slides for The Wizard of Oz and versions of Over the Rainbow/Somewhere Over the Rainbow for my Super Stars to compare and contrast. I included presentation notes and details about the links that I used, so if you'd like to grab your own copy, you'll understand how I intend to use the slides, who should receive credit for each resource, and how to modify the linked content if you'd prefer that your own students not navigate away from your planned activity.

Click here to get your copy.

Here's a peek:

Sharing and paying it forward is a good thing, which my instructors this summer reaffirmed to me and my other classmates. You know who else believes in sharing? All of the members of the Bitmoji, distance-ed, remote learning, and teacher-tech groups on Facebook. They have been so generous with their time, feedback, praise, and the sharing of their own creations, that I haven't had to recreate the wheel for my kindergarteners for most of my math and ELA content this year.

Would you like to join these awesome educators?

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Sharing is caring.

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