Friday, February 20, 2009

Hickory Dickory Dock...

...we are learning about clocks!

Learning how to tell time is just one skill kindergarten students develop when learning about clocks. This week my Super Stars have been noticing the difference between analog and digital timepieces, and have identified and counted how many of each they can find in their own homes. Next week they will learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour, and of course we'll tie our math unit into our language arts materials as well. This week, the Stars numbered their own clock faces and assembled a grandfather-type clock after reciting "Hickory Dickory Dock." After identifying different events and times in our school days and weekends, my students chose their favorite time of day, dictated that information to me, which I then printed out for them to glue onto their finished project.

Here are the pieces of construction paper we used:

The purple sheet is a piece of 12X18" paper.

The white clock face has lines for the numbers~ make sure your students write the numbers in the correct spots.

We added heart details since it's still February, but it would be easy to simply trace a circle for the bottom of the pendulum, or cut out a cute shamrock shape if you're teaching time in March. Foamy stickers also work well for this project.

Of course we HAD to add stars to the top:

A larger clock for the bulletin board:

Funny quotes about time:

~ One student told me her favorite time was "six o'clock." "Six o'clock in the morning, or six o'clock in the evening?" I asked. Hesitating as she tried to not roll her eyes at me, she replied "Uh, Mrs. Sommerville, six o'clock in the AFTERNOON."

~ "How come my mom always says 'It's time to GO?' How come she doesn't ever say 'It's time to STAY?'"

~ "My favorite time of day is whenever it's warm enough to go outside for recess."

~ "My favorite time of day is when my brother takes a nap so I get the t.v. all to myself."


I'll be spending some time in my classroom this weekend, making a few "teacher created manipulatives," photos of analog and digital clocks backed with magnets so the students can sort them by type. I'll post photos this weekend!

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  1. I wonder if it's easy for kids to learn to tell time on an analog clock? Jack is obsessed with time, and I always toy with the idea of picking up one of those old toy clocks in the thrift where you can spin the hands on the owls or whatever.


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