Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've Learned Something New Every Day This Year

With only one and a half days of school left with my Super Star kindergartners, I have to tell you, I've learned something new from them every day this year.

Sweet, sassy, inquisitive and inclusive, next year's teachers are going to love my soon-to-be former students. They'll appreciate their eagerness, kindness, and energy, and something tells me they'll love their humor, both accidental and purposeful. 

Here's what I learned yesterday:

Star: Mrs. Sommerville, Mrs. Sommerville! Do you know Indiana Jones?
Me: Indiana Jones, you mean the movies about him?
Star: Yes! The boulder and skeleton and snakes movies!
Me: I've seen them before, yes. Why?
Star: Well my mom let me watch them with her, and they're kind of scary.
Me: You're right, there are parts of the movies that are scary.
Star: My mom isn't scared of the boulder or the skeleton, but she DOES NOT like those snakes!
Me: I don't blame her, that many snakes would bother me too.
Star: Uh, Mrs. Sommerville, you don't *really* have to worry about those snakes though.
Me: Oh? Why not?
Star: 'Cause they're just, uh... they're just... special... SPECIAL EFFECTS!
Me: Special effects? What are special effects?
Star: My mom told me that special effects are when scary parts look real but they really aren't. That boulder probably wasn't a REAL boulder, it was just a big lumpy ball that looked like a rock. And the skeletons were just plastic or something.
Me: What about the snakes?
Star, dropping voice to a whisper: Oh, those were probably real.
Me: If they were real, *HOW* did Indiana Jones stay safe?
Star, looking around to make sure no one else could hear: *~Movie~* *~Magic~*
Me, also whispering: ~*Movie Magic~*?
Star, nodding, with a wow-can-you-believe-it expression on his face: Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh. ~*Movie magic.*~


How many days do you have left in the school year?

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  1. I'm in Toronto! We go right until June 29! Luckily, it's not really hot this year (yet), so I haven't "lost" the kids yet :)
    Happy Summer! Don't spend it all planning.


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