Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Cat's Meow (Craft)

Kansas Day is January 29, and as my kindergartners begin to learn about our state symbols, I can't ignore the need for a mascot craft that will partner well with our Jayhawks.

Of course, being the ~mother~ of a K-State Wildcat, I can't very well guarantee future classroom volunteerism from my daughter (she's a rower) if I don't make sure she and her friends are well represented on our bulletin boards.

Purple:  body, ears, legs, paws, tails, feet, and nose
Gray:  tummy, snout, inner ears, and stripes on legs
White:  eyes

Since I couldn't find a cat template online that used enough basic shapes for a math review, I drew my own.  My Stars will describe the shapes and lines they find as they identify each piece, and will follow three step directions to assemble the craft.

Our finished Wildcats will be paired (in friendship) on our hallway bulletin board with the Jayhawks we'll make tomorrow.  Check back to see how they turned out!


Come to think of it, this craft could be fun if you're reading Splat the Cat, or some other book full of feline fun!  


... the cat's meow.  

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