Friday, October 24, 2014

"Teacher, I Have Magic Pants!"

"See?  Watch me, I'll show you!  I put the rocks in my pocket..."

"... and after I wiggle around a little bit (wiggle wiggle, dance, wiggle), they're gone!"

Sure enough, my Super Star's pocket was completely turned out and ~empty~!

Using a whisper voice, she then confided, "Mrs. Sommerville, they're not REALLY magic pants.  There's a hole in my pocket!  Don'ttellanyoneplease!  See?"

After looking around to see if any classmates were watching, she pulled open the cuff of the bottom of her jeans, and out rolled the rocks:

"Ta-daaaaaaaa" she whispered enthusiastically!

It's just another reason why I love kindergartners.

They can still teach me new tricks.

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  1. It's fun when kids can still see the magic or just have fun with little things! Thanks for sharing!


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