Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back to School Bulletin Board: Silhouettes

This year, I've decided to add some silhouettes of children to my welcome-to-kindergarten bulletin boards in the hallway.  I'm not talking about this kind of silhouette (though Santa is more than welcome to tuck one under my Christmas tree this December, hint-y hint hint), but rather, this one:

Finding some clip art of children's shadows, I enlarged and locked them into position on my SMART Board.  Using black butcher paper, tape, clips and a white pencil, I traced several samples that I thought would work well for the size of boards that I have:

I used the clips to hold the roll of paper in place and keep it wrinkle free, but if you pull several pieces of paper that are the same size of your interactive whiteboard, you won't need them.

Isn't this one cute?

Once all of the silhouettes were traced, it was time to cut them out v-e-r-y carefully:

I like to keep my first boards of the year fairly simple and easy for my Super Star kindergartners to identify as they become used to navigating the hallways of our school.  They shouldn't have any problem remembering to look for the stars and kids:

 My students often have younger siblings who come and visit Big Brother or Big Sister at school, so I thought I'd include a little one for them:

The Stars read "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars, I Wished for You and Here You Are!"

I'm considering adding colored bow ties, shoe laces, and hair bows to the shadows, and of course my students' names will be added to the board once I have my class list.


I'm back to work August 1.  When will you return to the classroom?  We'd love to see photos that you post of your bulletin boards!  Link up below:


  1. Wow!! Love this. Laminating them must have been fun. :)

  2. So lovely Michaele! Love how you used your smartboard to trace!

  3. Very nice! I love the two holding hands :-)


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