Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summer Prep: Bulletin Boards

I'm fortunate to work in a district that allows teachers access to their classrooms over the summer.  When repairs are complete, upgrades installed and the room is clean, teachers can tackle organization projects that are too big to start during the school year. 

After emptying cabinetry, resorting math and center manipulatives and deciding where the book tubs for our library center will go, the blank walls were too much for me to take.  Changing things up this year, my traditional blue has been replaced by black butcher paper and accents, though I've been careful: I don't want the Stars to worry that they're walking into a black hole!  

This wall is ready for one of our first art projects:

The calendar and other graphic organizers are finding their homes in the room's far corner:

The word wall has been expanded, and though they're not a necessity, twinkle lights add some oomph:

Let me turn off the lights to show you:


Twinkle lights.

Good stuff.

Even better when the blinds are closed.  

Tubs and boxes on the desks are other jobs on this summer's to-do list.  Folder games.  New labels for tubs.  Laminating.


Check back tomorrow for a patriotic Pete the Cat display!


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  1. I love the stars hanging from the ceiling! Super cute! Can you share where you found them? I have clothespins hanging from the ceilin that we hang art projects from during the year, but I'd like to have something cute hanging from them for the beginning of the year.
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

  2. Hi Carol! I bought the stars last year at Walmart in the party section- they were $1 each and only came in the colors you see in my room. They're plastic and dimensional, not paper, but cardstock stars would work too. I hang my students' art on the hooks or create patterns with die cuts/teacher accents seasonally or monthly too.


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