Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Review: Crafts Keeper Organizer from SmileMakers

As a teacher, I've learned that good things often come in large packages!

SmileMakers sent me a colorful organizer for my Super Stars' writing center, and I'm terribly proud to say that it only took me six minutes to assemble!

Look at these cheerful colors:

The illustrated directions helped immensely:

Fold the flaps:

Slide in the dividers:

Secure the shelves with tabs:

And now for the drawers:

The outer box, dividers, shelves and drawers went together quickly thanks to the easy-to-follow directions, making the most difficult part of the process deciding ~where~ the organizer would be located.  How about here, according to the original plan as a writing center?

The drawers easily house pencils, dry erase markers and tracing cards, and the paper slots keep stencils, marker boards and various papers neat and tidy:

The thick cardboard easily supports two tubs full of clipboards without caving in or denting, which comes in handy when every inch of vertical storage space is precious.

Four drawers and ten paper slots could help my students learn how to organize their materials...

...unless I decide to use the organizer for our "crafternoon" storage:

Construction paper, multiple boxes of colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors and other materials easily tuck into the pull-out drawers and paper slots.

There was one drawback: for some reason the tabs on the drawers didn't want to stay tucked into their slots:

It's an easy fix if you have a glue gun!

SmileMakers offers all sorts of decor, learning tools, incentives/rewards, and organizational storage products online, which comes in handy: a teacher's load can be pretty heavy each day, so not having to tote catalogs between home and school helps.  SmileMakers also offers Teacher Perks, added savings, just for teachers. Teachers receive free shipping with any order of $49 or more or a $4.99 flat rate shipping with any order of $48.99 or less. Teachers get special private sales & free gift offers too!

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  1. Hmm I wonder if they have something like this culd use in my cabinets? They need to be divided up much more. Thanks for sharing!
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