Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My School-Year-into-Summer Routine

School's out for summer, but I have an annual routine that I work through as I transition between days spent mostly in the classroom to those I'll hopefully spend at home in June and July.

On my list:

1)  Blogging my end-of-the-year reflection.  Done, oh yes. (✓)

2)  Cleaning my house, top to bottom, "spring cleaning" style, only it's not spring, and it's more like dust-bunny-germ-and-oh-isn't-this-cathartic sterilization.  Seriously.  I boil water. (✓)

3)  Dumping out and cleaning my teacher purse/bag/luggage.  It's Vera Bradley (fabric) thus washable.  Today I came up with five tubes of lip gloss, two opened packs of gum, seven pens, a Starbucks gift card, my phone charger, a Christmas c.d. (Bing Crosby), an education journal I've been meaning to read for two months now (okay, three) and expired coupons galore.  (✓)

4)  Transferring all of the balances on the coffee gift cards I've received from Super Star families to the one card I keep on my keychain.  My Stars' parents understand and condone my very necessary relationship with Starbucks, in fact, my students no longer give me bath gels, lotion or perfume as eau de coffee is apparently now my signature scent.  (✓)

5)  Choosing a non-school-related book to enjoy before working through my planned professional development titles.  Thank you Dan Brown.  (✓)

6)  Ironing some capris and shirts and hanging them in the closet for days I actually have to be seen in public.  Making sure tank tops, shorts, skirts, tees and flip flops are within easy reach.  Jammies are always easy to get to (or stay in).  Can't check this one off of my list as I haven't ironed yet. 
 ----> (  )

7)  Planting summer flowers and getting the garden in order.  The whiskey barrels in front of the house are full of blooms, but storm and tornado watches since the last day of school have prevented me from planting anything other than strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pumpkins and onions.  Must.  Plant.  Seeds.  Soon.  ---->  (  )

8)  Stocking our safe room.  My family and I live in Tornado Alley, so we have a shelter downstairs to huddle in if a twister comes our way.  Oh sure, Dorothy and Glinda make it all look so glamorous, but don't believe the movie magic.  Tornado watches put me on alert and tornado warnings/sirens terrify me.  Food, water, paper products, clothing, blankets, flashlights, trashbags, buckets, first aid kit, kitty litter/box and cat food are all in tubs, with not a single ruby slipper in sight.  (✓) (✓) (✓) (✓)

Once your classroom is packed and your keys are turned in, how do you mark the beginning of summer?

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  1. I love your list! I've done several of these things as well. I'm hoping that more cleaning and sewing will get done this summer :) I've started blogging and posting regularly. Plus I even have a summer book club read along going :) Happy summer!

    Teaching with Grace


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