Wednesday, February 20, 2013

*~WISHING~* for a Snow Day

We're anticipating some snow in Oz this evening, and my Stars have promised that they'll be wearing their pajamas on backwards, putting ice cubes in the toilet, and sleeping with a spoon under their pillow this evening, just to *make sure* we get a snow day tomorrow.  For all non-Alaskans, I've been told it's the magic formula for encouraging snow.

Being ~my~ students, the Stars felt that the creation of a Snow Day Headband would also help our efforts:

The long blue rectangles are the base of the headband, 3 inches by 12 inches long.  The pink and light blue rectangles are 3 inches by 4 and 1/2.  

 The Stars enjoyed painting with Q-Tips yesterday, so we decided to use them as our painting tool again today.

 I modeled how to make a snowflake: paint the number one, turn it into a lowercase "t," then add a lowercase "x" across the top of it.  Add a dot of paint to the end of each line.

Leftover snowflake stickers helped to dress the headbands up a bit:

For now they're drying, but once we're sure the paint won't drip, we'll wear our headbands for the rest of the day in the hopes that they bring us Snow Day LUCK!


5:00 pm update: We will indeed have a snow day tomorrow!

The Snowy Day from Ezra Jack Keats Foundation on Vimeo.

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