Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy, Teacher Edition


1) ~A-ha~ or ~ hey Teacher, that's way cool~ moments with my Super Stars
2)  Surviving the first professional development seminar I've hosted in a v-e-r-y long time (yesterday!)
3)  How no matter where Uncle Sam takes our family, each new staff with whom I work always has a Coffee Fairy among the ranks
4)  Being able to pick the brains of colleagues from all over the world
5)  Listening to students and colleagues as they ~think out loud~ instead of regurgitating someone else's spiel
6)  Still having the ability to control my verbal and physical reactions when a student accidentally forgets I have toes at the end of my feet while s/he surprises me with a hug... two of my toes are still purple!
7)  Families who become friends when my time as their child's teacher is done
8)  Learning something new-to-me that I can then help others with as we work through the choreography of public education together
9)  Jeans Friday
10)  Seeing photos of colleagues'/friends' grand-babies wrapped in afghans I crocheted

Okay, so that last one doesn't just make me happy, it makes me cry... not the way I cried after #6 of course.

You know what I mean.

What makes YOU happy as a teacher?


  1. My favorite thing about being a teacher is when a child is SO excited about being able to do a new skill. I have a precious little girl this year that gasps and puts her hand over her mouth in excitement when she knows the answer!!! I love it!

  2. as a student teacher everything makes me happy. But I think my very favorite is when I get to watch that proud look come over the students face when they understand something. They just look so happy!
    And when I get those random hugs (even when they are a surprise)throughout the day exactly when I need one.

  3. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Watching my former kindergarten students come off the school bus with a smile and a big unprompted good morning or hug for me...even if they are now in grade five.

  4. A lovely, inspiring list :)


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