Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have You Ever Had...

... one of those days, AND one of **those** days... on the same day?

Here I am after today's five hour field trip to a nature park (details: four kindergarten classes, the wilds of Oz requiring jeans, hiking shoes, bug spray, emergency kit, sunscreen, snacks, camera and unfailing knowledge of every possible potty location):


Note the lethargy, made even more pronounced by the forty minute ride back to school in a ninety-eight degree bus.

Ninety.... eight.... degrees. Thank goodness my colleague knew just the right way to solve the problem by bringing the situation to the bus driver's attention.  My Alaskan genes had me complaining:


Like my hat?

Colleague to the rescue, students enjoying a nice long nap, and happy Super Stars sharing their favorite parts of the field trip once they woke up helped bring my joy level back to within its normal range...


...just in time to come home to find that Vanessa, over at Pre-K pages, had included me on her Dream Teaching Team, leaving me:

(photo courtesy of Cute Overload)

Yep, it's good when one of those days ends up being one of **those** days!

Thank you Vanessa, thank you colleague-to-the-rescue, thank you parent volunteers, thank you classroom aide, thank you nature guides and park rangers...

...and thank you to the inventor of air conditioning.


  1. Sounds like you need an ICE COLD adult beverage. :)

  2. ...and we're *not* talkin' Frappuccino! :)

  3. Love the first picture. We are going to the zoo tomorrow... hopefully it will be one of **those** days, too. :)


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