Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glasses are Cool

Former student (now a big first grader): "Mrs. Sommerville! I got my new glasses!"

Me: "Oh honey, that's great, I'm going to wear MY glasses to school tomorrow and then we can have a Glasses Day!"

Former student: "You know, I can read better now!"

Me: "Yep, glasses are **cool** that way!"



  1. Just found out I am teaching Kindergarten next year! I am currently living/working in Germany and teaching K-12 Special Ed, moving back to OR next year and got assigned AM/PM Kinder. Came across your blog and thought maybe I could learn a thing or two!


  2. Very occasionally I wear glasses to throw the kids for a loop. (first grade) I usually wear them when a kid gets a new pair for the first time to make them feel cool. The kid is right... they ALWAYS make you read better.

  3. Hi,

    A while back you entered my OWOH giveaway. Unfortunately you didn't win, but you were one of the first hundred entrants so I've made a Bottle of Hope on your behalf. I'm still working on the entry but it should be posted soon. Feel free to drop by and see your BOH.


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