Dear Mom,

Heads up:

This morning L. came over and told me that M. had used a “not nice” word during centers.  He explained that he wasn’t tattling, but didn’t want M. to use the “not nice” word again.  I asked L. to whisper what M. had said into my ear, at which point, using the required **whisper voice**, L. said:  “M. used a not nice word during centers.  I’m not tattling, but I don’t want M. to use the not nice word again.”   Trying not to laugh, I then asked L. to tell me the word M. had used.  

After a seven second pause, he whispered “I forgot.” 


M. was peeking out from behind the center during the whole conversation, so once L. returned to his activity, I waved M. over.  He dropped his head and was thoroughly examining the floor when I asked him to please tell me what  he had said to L.

M. took a *deep* breath and said:  “I was ‘splaining that your nuts are a part of your private parts but you can’t see ‘em ‘cause they’re inside of you.  L. told me to please be quiet and I told him to shut up.”

Keeping a straight face, I asked him what part of that HE thought L. didn’t like. 

After pondering for a moment, M. said he would remind himself….

**wait for it**

….. to not say “shut up.”