Sunday, September 27, 2009


Let me make this perfectly clear: I'm *not* a Lego-Maniac.



For *whatever* reason, these caught my eye:


A Lego camera (along with other Lego gadgets) over at designboom...

Mike Stimpson creates original Lego scenes and recreates famous imagery (go look, I didn't want to risk "lifting" his awesome artwork)...

A rolling cookie cutter...


...and an ice tray...


...and of course, check out what Dan documents with his camera and Legos over at a Lego a Day...


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  1. My son IS a "Lego-maniac" and we own the ice cubes trays, as well as many more Lego items. We have a Lego Store here in Chicago on Michigan Avenue (The Magnificent Mile!) and we've spent a LOT of time there over the years! When he was younger, one of my cousins always gave him a Lego gift card, and we would make a day of it, going to the Lego store, meeting my cousin for lunch (he works downtown) and we always made a stop at Ethyl's Chocolates (which, unfortunately,has now closed) Taking the train downtown was half the excitement for him. Wow, thanks for bringing to mind such wonderful memories! :)


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