Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Coffee Anniversary

Not only do Dear Husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, we celebrate our coffee anniversary.


We were one of those "uh oh" internet romances, and after months and months of gentle prodding, I finally agreed to meet, face to face.

At a coffee shop, of course.

He ordered a hazelnut latte, I had an Irish cream latte. I stayed an hour, and then left, suitably impressed and interested.

Two days later, it was September 11. THE September 11.

We've been together ever since.

Happy Anniversary Babe.


  1. Aww, what a great story!

  2. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Happy Anniversary babe, I am the one that was impressed and have been blessed each day after that to have you and the kids in my life. All the prodding was worth it. I Love you, your Bear

  3. We also met from the INTERNET...10 years this past August 2nd.


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