Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Evening isn't really my time to blog: busy days followed by household chores, and the pre-schooler wired for sound once it's home time aren't conducive to my writing flow. Tonight is no different, but it's been such an amazing day that I just can't wait until the quiet of tomorrow morning.

~Super Star Student E's leukemia screen came back...negative. Hopes answered, joyous relief for her incredible family- the most precious and exuberant smiles across her face today. The sun was actually shining brighter, truly.

~Writing my son's message for his yearbook page, it struck me that he'll be graduating from high school in May, off to start the cliché "next chapter in his life." Only it's not so cliché. It's exciting, and I'm proud.

~Artwork I won during OWOH has arrived from dear Lucy (her husband painted it!) at Lulu's Petals~ I'll show it to you in all its glory tomorrow, but take a peek, it's behind my new Brighton key fob...

~Now that I have a new key fob (because my truck was stolen last Tuesday), Murphy's Law kicked in: my truck has been found! Several misunderstandings, odd and inaccurate documentation and multiple confusing situations between two police departments and a city tow lot resulted in my truck finally being identified, though it won't be returned to us for a bit longer. Yes, a suspect was caught~ apparently she has a thing for McDonald's and Cheesy Puff treats~ the back seat can attest to that. My truck was also driven hard, possibly over 500 miles, with the cover torn off, so who knows what was transported in the bed...and to where it was taken. The engine starts, but there's a rough sound coming from the front end, and the truck is filthy. Miss Truck Thief and/or her cronies also tried to add window tint...I guess they're big on vehicle disguises or makeovers. Poor truck. We'll have the police dogs go through it once or twice too if we're allowed to take possession of it- who knows what substances might be hiding beneath the Cheesy Puff debris... Yes, oh yes, we'll be pressing charges. Fair is fair. Consequences happen. Hell hath no fury like the the ticked off mood of a kindergarten teacher/mommy.

~My home has smelled divine for the past few days. It's my week for lounge duty at school, so my baking hasn't gone to waste (or to my WAIST). Tonight it's banana pecan muffins with a caramel flavored crunchy topping...and some butter toffee cookies. I'll take some natural sugar tomorrow as well...fresh green grapes. Simple, grab and go.

~I've made new friends via BlogLand this week: a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

~Finally...I'm four posts away from my 500th Blog Post! Anyone interested in a giveaway?


  1. Michaele, I can't picture you as a mom of a college aged kid! WOW! I'm so scared for that time in my life! :) So glad you got news of your truck and hopefully justice will prevail, but nothing can replace the sense of safety and comfort that was invaded and intruded upon. take care

  2. Wow what a wonderful and busy day full of so many emotions, but mostly joy.

    Good luck with that next chapter of your son's life. I think it helped us greatly to have a preschooler around at this time in our lives. One to college, one to preschool, I don't think the college thing hit so hard. Who knows what will happen when the youngest goes. That's probably when I'll bawl for all 5:).

  3. Vanessa1:35 PM

    This made me tear-up.


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