Sunday, August 31, 2008

Productive Day!

Isn't it funny how productive one can be in the classroom when there are no other teachers or students in the building?

I went in around ten this morning and left at three-thirty, and though I didn't touch *any* of the filing I had hoped to work on, I did manage to:

~Get my students' daily schedule written up on sentence strips and displayed in a pocket chart

~Make new desk and cubby tags, laminate them, and get them situated

~Enlarge our word wall with another panel of blue bulletin board paper

~Create handwriting pages for my students using the Zaner Bloser font to spell out their names

~Relocate the Lego table, the computer center, and listening center for better flow

~Set up the discovery table for this week's science exploration

~Make new Borrow Book envelopes

~Prep the photos of lunch time choices on our chart

(The English Language Learner Teacher/Department sent us photos of all of the food item choices for the year so we could have visuals to go with our lunch charts!)

~Cycle out the "welcome to kindergarten" book selections and add alphabet, shape, and autumn books to the reading center

~Set up the light box, colored transparent blocks and overhead projector with manipulatives

It was a good day, and despite the fact that I'm supposed to be "off" enjoying this Labor Day weekend, I just might be inspired to go back to school on Monday and tackle the filing, once and for all.

But not for the entire day, no sir-ee Bob. I feel the need to BBQ.


  1. I really like the idea of photos for explanation. This is especially useful for early childhood as most cannot read and this is a way of communicating effectively with them. :) Enjoy your blogs!


  3. Yep, environmental print with illustrative or photographic cues are wonderful for young children, English language learners...heck, even adults! We are soooo visual!

    I had it figured out a few years ago- if I were paid at a babysitter's rate, hourly, I would have made over $150,000 in one year.


  4. I spent all afternoon yesterday putting the finishing touches on my classroom. It always takes longer than I expect. You'd think I'd know by now! In this case, it's good that I'm paid by the hour!


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