Thursday, July 10, 2008

Show and Share Thursday: We Made It!

Hello again! I've managed to get the computer unpacked, the desk and chair situated, and thanks to Time Warner Cable, have internet access once again. Just don't look around the rest of the house. Really. You'll get to see photos of the mess sometime this weekend, I promise, but for today, check out some scenery from the trip:

Here we are, moments before we hopped into the trucks (Dear Husband drove mine, with the kids, hauling the big trailer, while I drove his white Chevy, pulling the Harley, with the cat in her carrier on the seat next to me):

Driving out of Texas, in the morning before triple digit heat set in for the day (ooh, look at all of that lovely...BROWN...):

The first of two blown tires on the trailer (yes, I've gained a few more gray hairs thanks to driving behind my family, watching helplessly as tires smoke, shred, then pop):

A tire repair shop that for some strange reason, we had trouble finding at first:

A storm rolling in (the weather service put out a hazardous weather warning over the radio as we were driving, telling all to "take cover"):

Driving past some wind power on Day Two:

An ominous looking sky later in the day:

Stopping for lunch (no, not at Walmart, we just parked in their lot) before the big push "home:"

Me checking on Anni the cat:

She loved the air conditioning:

Look! A patch of green:

...and another!

Honey, I don't think we're in Texas (or Oklahoma) anymore!

Where our adventure picks up:

**Spoiler alert: This is the photo I took BEFORE we were able to get inside. Other than the patchy grass, we weren't at all concerned...until... be continued...


Here are some quick links for you (I read through 1300+ blog posts on NetNewsWire yesterday!):

~PhotoJoJo has a Photo Chain idea that I'd like to try! Anyone up for it?

~Cream Puffs in Venice just might lure me away from my usual stress relief food (peanut M-n-M's) with this strawberry tart...

~I'm back to teaching in a few weeks, so with the hopes that parents who are still in the dark about NCLB and recent "school reforms" can better understand what is *really* going on, here's Schools Matter, advocating for students and their teachers.

Sweeties, when we were in school, were we just taught the ITBS (or whatever version YOU took one time each spring) year 'round? NO. After watching Dear Daughter's eighth grade curriculum material consistently being replaced by "test preparation" for the ENTIRE YEAR in Texas, I was appalled. Remind me to show you the DOG TAGS (military style) necklace her school gave out as "rah rah's" for the TAKS. This military spouse, parent, and teacher hasn't been amused for some time.


I'm off to unpack some more boxes, but hope that all of you are enjoying a happy and sunny (yet not-too-hot) summer!


  1. I don't know if I'm just assuming, but were you taking pictures while driving???? Ah, Michaele, and I thought I might be a die-hard picture taker! Glad you're back although we could do without all that hot weather that must have tagged along.

  2. Hooray for AUTOFOCUS! :) Mwuah ha ha ha! Yep, I sat the camera on top of the steering wheel or dash and just left the setting on "scenery." No focusing, nada.

    Though you can still see how filthy my windshield was!


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