Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Education Podcast Meme

podcastAlice tagged me for a "Great Education Podcast" meme! Taking this year "off" from teaching means I get to be in charge of my own professional development and educational explorations, so feel free to follow the links, turn up your volume, and listen in to what *this* kindergarten teacher has been enjoying lately!

*Phyllis Ferguson's podcast, Download "Stop the Pendulum, I Want to Get Off" discusses how fear impacts children and teachers in the classroom and advocates for teachers to have "pervasive caring" towards their students.

*Dr. Bryna Siegal is interviewed in "Helping Children with Autism Learn", a topic close to my heart not only as a teacher but as a step-mother to an autistic child.

*The ceremonial and offical re-starts to the 2006 Iditarod Sled Dog Race, a sporting event that fascinates my "Lower 48" colleagues and their students: Download 2006 Iditarod Start

*I'm a fan of the "Science on the Wild Side" podcasts, but not of the overly-long intro song. I can be forgiving since the host added a "Salute to Moose!"

*And finally, Mrs. Bradley's Kindergarten Class singing their ABC Song (my toddler dances along as he listens and watches)! Download ABC Song

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Jenny and Doug, whenever you have the time and/or feel like posting blurbs and adding links to podcasts about education that you find inspiring, uplifting, or mind-blowing!

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