Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What I'm Learning about NOW!

* Pillowfighting with two-year-olds each morning. One particular child, in fact! Concept to remember: While participating in a pillow fight with a young child, watch out, because things like toy buses, toy trucks, and board books *might* accompany the down-filled THWAK that you're expecting! Ouch! My eye!

* The wide world of Blogging. I have this blog, my MySpace page, and I'm now participating in some sort of "wiki" addressing technology in education. My first entry was HUGE. Wordy. Something to produce eye strain. Sigh. And I've been "tagged" and had my page "linked" to others. Concept to remember: never stop learning. I'm looking up blog definitions daily since I'm a late bloomer. Why is commenting good for bloggers? Thanks to Chris Garrett, the author- hope I'm learning how to link appropriately!

* Stress relief and hobby time. With so many friends pregnant (found out about another one yesterday!), I've had the perfect reason to crochet my little heart out! With concerns over employment, the realization my babies are growing up (eldest son turned seventeen two days ago), and wondering where Uncle Sam will send us next, I again have the perfect reasons to crochet. So I've found some fun patterns in books and online, but the basic granny square is still my favorite. Concept to remember: self-care is a good idea as is letting one's creative juices....crochet! Here's the latest blankie:* Creating a homeschool curriculum. Yep, after the nightmare that was my youngest nephew's kindergarten experience, my sister has decided to homeschool him. I'll be digging through my classroom materials, manipulatives, and book lists to share with her to get the little guy feeling better and on track. I'm guessing he'll enjoy Zoo Phonics, a program I've used with almost all of my kindergarten classes after Diane introduced it to me years ago! Concept to remember: sharing is good, and so is knowing when to ask for help.

Now all I need to do is figure out the best way to win the lottery! If a Wiccan teacher can do it, then so can I!

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