Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Our last story of the day was "Mean Soup," about a little boy named Horace who had a TERRIBLE day and arrived home "feeling mean." To cheer him up, his mother had him make Mean Soup, a recipe that included screaming into a pot of water, growling at it, banging the side of the pot, and breathing their best "dragon breath" into the broth. Once Horace's mood was lifted (because really, whose mood *wouldn't be* after breathing dragon breath into a big ol' pot?), he and his mother had an enjoyable end to their day.

After I turned the last page, and then closed the book, a Star exhaled "Amen." 

Every other classmate nodded and added "uh huh."

#IPuffyHeartLoveThisClass #ThisIsWhyITeach #ReadingIsAffirming #OfCourseIGiggled #Amen

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