Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Check-In and Free Clip Art Image

Like many teachers, part of my summer "off" includes resting, reading, and creating!

My under-eye circles are fading, thanks to the start of sleeping in until 7:00 a.m.  For someone who wakes at 5:15 each morning during the school year, this is BIG.

My eldest has been supplying me with non-work related books since February, and I'm caught up with The Expanse sci-fi series, anxiously awaiting the next installment:

I've been crocheting, working ahead on a baby afghan stockpile.  Most of my new colleagues are young, newly-marrieds, and are beginning to start their own families.  As I'm old enough to be some of their mothers, and handmade baby items are becoming more and more of a rarity in this world of gift cards and internet shopping, I hope the thought, time, and effort put into each blanket are appreciated as much as the gift itself.

I'm taking two online classes in anticipation of renewing my teaching license this winter, and am planning ahead to the upcoming school year.  In the midst of creating a TPT ELA Journal pack for pre-k, kindergarten, intervention, and home school activities, I realized I wanted an iPad clip art image.  Unable to find one that I liked available for free, I quickly made my own.

It'll come in handy when I reprint my "iPad Rules" anchor chart and other activity pages too!

You can grab it by clicking here.

How have you been spending your time away from school?

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