Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kindergarten "I Voted!" Buttons

After my printer decided that my original kindergarten "I Voted" button (above) was too color-rich, I decided to make the buttons using a bit of what I had at home:

* patriotic scrapbook paper

* flag stickers

* large circle paper punch

* paper cutter, scissors, pinking shears, and glue

* tabletop laminator

...and some goodies that necessitated a quick trip to Walmart:

* laminating pouches

* adhesive-backed pins

You already know how I love to laminate (it's a teacher thing):

The adhesive pin backs prevented me from burning the tips of my fingers...since I usually use a hot glue gun:

Now they just need to be cut out, and the kindergartners need to vote on Election Tuesday (they're voting for their favorite story, favorite song, and favorite school lunch):

Just in case you're interested in trying these, I made 70+ pins (there are four kindergarten classrooms at my school) in less than an hour.


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  1. LOVE the buttons! Also am a little jealous of the laminator. It's on my Christmas list! :) Have a good Tuesday!


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