Friday, September 26, 2008

I May Have Gone Overboard on the Lamination...

...but at least most of it was done using my own personal table top laminator!

My students drew self portraits:

I cut out white background paper and some smaller polka-dotted paper:

Used some glue:

... and took a moment to enjoy those sweet smiling faces!

My aide added "fiesta" fringe:

...and then we strung up the portraits in a boy/girl pattern on blue ribbon. After hanging the banner up and photographing it from multiple angles, I muttered not-so-kindergarten-teacherish-words under my breath when I realized I couldn't get the GLARE out of the frame! **SIGH**

I'll attempt another here's-the-finished-product photo for you next week.


We visited a farm today! We learned lots and lots about animals and plants, a bit about Kansas history, and a whole LOT about BEES. Can't go on a field trip without the proper accessories, now can we?

Thank goodness for construction paper, yellow plaid scrapbook paper, black Sharpie markers, glue, a tabletop laminator, silver tone pin backs, and hot glue guns!




  1. OK, I need to quit coming here everyday (ok, several times a day!) because I always end up feeling inadequate as a teacher :( You are awesome! And, I've been meaning to comment since the very first time I read your blog, that you are unbelievably gorgeous!!!

    I want to be you when I grow up!

  2. Aw thanks! But remember,it's taken me thirteen years to get crafty *this* consistently. So now it's faster, it's easier, I can do a bit "on the fly," and get all the essentials in too. I've always feared (perhaps rightfully so) that it's taken me a long time to get into the teaching groove while avoiding the ruts.

    You should see my hair now that I'm living in Humidity-Land...curly curly curly!

    Have a great weekend, and do keep dropping by!

  3. OK, I realize that two comments in one evening is bordering on stalker-ish, but I had to tell you that you made me laugh just now. I've actually been teaching close to 20 years (most of those kindergarten, thankfully!). I suppose if we had the resources here in the inner city that you seem to have at your school, I might be able to do so much more with/for my babies. I guess I should cut myself some slack, huh? ;-)

    BTW, I also battle with naturally curly (aka CRAZY!) hair. Isn't it great? NOT!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I hear you on the resources- this is the first NON-Title I school I've taught at- and my goodness, the differences are night and day. Like most teachers, I spend a lot of my own money on classroom supplies for my students, but this is the first year I've bought them simply because I've wanted to...NOT because my students needed them.

    It rather pulls at my heartstrings and makes me a bit queasy when I realize the inequality of public schooling...the inequality across state lines, and in many cases, the inequality from one street to another.

    Hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. Teachers best friend = laminator. Or School Secretary. Both.


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