Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Apple Basket Tree

Oh my goodness, teachers *do* love creative and pretty storage!

I found this apple basket tree several years ago as I was treasure hunting through several antique and collectibles stores. The last store I visited on that day was going out of business, selling everything, including shelving, fixtures, etc.

I couldn't find a price on the tree or the baskets, and asked the shop owner if the tree was for sale. She told me that she was indeed selling the tree, but "wouldn't sell it to just anyone." I explained that I would give the tree a good home in my kindergarten classroom, as I was in need of vertical storage that was kid and puppet friendly.

Five minutes later, she was helping me load the treasure into the back of my truck.

I have searched all over it for a label or maker's mark, but to no avail. Hopefully some of you know some craftsty-with-wood friends or relatives that could create a pattern from the pictures I'm sharing and make it for you, though I'll keep looking online and link to the bottom of this post if I find anything similar for sale.



~ Here's one that is a table top size....

~ ...and here's one very similar to mine, called a "bushel floor tree!"


You're welcome!

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  1. This is so cute and thanks for the detailed pictures. My husband is making one this weekend for next year,


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