Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pigeon and Duckling Craft Patterns

When you're blessed with an awesome student teacher like I am, you might find yourself with a few extra minutes on your hands, just... watching.



... reflecting on your own memories of growing into an effective teacher.

And if your student teacher is as thoroughly capable as mine, you'll probably end up twiddling your thumbs, careful to not interfere with the rhythm of learning that's occurring in front of you.

I'm not a terribly good thumb-twiddler.  My hands have to stay busy, so I created a craft pattern, all within range and earshot of my student teacher and our Super Stars.

Our letter of the week after spring break will be "W," so of course we'll be enjoying lots of books by one of our favorite authors and illustrators, Mo Willems!

Hello, Pigeon and Duckling!

You can find the patterns for these fun characters at my TPT Store.  I suggest printing them onto cardstock which is thicker and easier to trace around.  They'd certainly be fun bulletin board decor, writing prompts, and author study crafts!

Do your students have a favorite Mo Willems book?


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