Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcome to Kindergarten Bulletin Board

With a little less than a month before I'm surrounded by my newest class of Super Star kindergartners, I have to admit: I'm not yet ready for the go-go-GO pace of the first week of school.  Avoiding curricular chores, this week my brain has instead focused on the slow and steady set of tasks that we all work through prior to the arrival of our students.

Arranging furniture.

Checking ease of flow/traffic through learning spaces.

Prepping manipulatives.

.... and dreaming up a bulletin board display to greet, welcome, and hopefully entice our new learners!  

I've told you in previous posts how I like to keep the boards that frame either side of my classroom door ~simple~.  Thanks to rules from the fire marshall, and my own reluctance to blow my school's paper budget through the roof by using seven different layers of butcher paper from floor to ceiling, I prefer oversized components with a bit of POP.

This week I dug through my baskets of trimmer and bulletin board cut outs, and discovered some "kid drawn" stick figure children who, while cute, were a bit too small for what I was wanting.

Hello, document camera!  After selecting four sweet faces (the cut outs included legs and shoes) and enlarging them on my SMARTBoard, I traced each outline, and then colored them with markers and crayons.

Because the white paper was a bit transparent and flimsy, I made sure to use a double layer of white paper (the drawn/colored image on one piece, plain paper behind it) before I cut out each friend.   Then I glued them to black butcher paper, to stiffen them up a bit.  These cuties will be laminated at some point this year!

I kept a white layer of trimmer from last year framing the boards, but switched out the solid black for a chalkboard polka dot pattern.  Then I started to position my friends:

Seeing their outstretched hands, I thought perhaps I might find some kindergarten tools that each child could hold.  Scissors!


I also wanted to add bunting, spelling out "Welcome to Kindergarten, Super Stars" to hang above the characters (lettering will be added later).  I used my desktop laminator to seal a set of chalkboard design bunting/banner cut outs, then cut through the lamination and pre-printed pennants so string or ribbon could slide through.

Simple, kid-friendly, sweet, and I didn't break the bank OR the fire code!  There's room to add colorful stars with my students' names as we get closer to the start of school, or I can simply use a black piece of butcher paper decorated like a chalkboard that can have my class list written on it.

What do you think? When are YOU back to school?

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  1. You are so creative & talented. Blessed to call you my friend!


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