Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks for Your (Daily) Vote!

I love this badge, and I get to share it on my blog as a nominee for Circle of Mom's 25 Top Teacher Mom Bloggers!

I appreciate the recognition and the chance to share resources, ideas, information, collegiality and humor with families, teachers, and early childhood specialists on a much broader scale at Circle of Moms.

My nomination is open for the next three weeks, and you can vote once per day.  Just click on the button above (or on the one to the upper left of my posts) and you'll be taken to the nominee page.  Then scroll down until you see my smiling face (why yes, that's me, setting up my writing center), clicking on the vote option next to my information.  Check out the other blogs as well!

Thank you, Circle of Moms, and thank ~you~, readers.


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