Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

My students have enjoyed observing and identifying signs of spring this week.  Their list:

Signs of Spring
~ green grass
~ no snow
~ warm weather
~ buds on trees
~ flowers on bushes and shrubs
~ rain
~ getting to wear shorts and sandals
~ buying new sunglasses
~ birds singing and chirping and flying
~ worms crawling across the sidewalk
~ parents "firing up the grill"
~ getting ready for Easter

and of course...

~The reappearance of golden, sunshiney dandelions!~


Every spring, my Super Stars collect dandelions that they offer to me as bouquets, bracelets, necklaces, and crowns.

Every spring, I become Mrs. Sommerville, the Dandelion Queen.


  1. i loved getting dandelions from my preschoolers when I taught. Now I get them from my girls and I love them and put them in a vase :) hubby thinks i'm crazy for that :) glad to know others get and treasure them

  2. We're still waiting to see signs of spring :)(we'll be walking around the block looking later this week) I am so looking forward to the bouquets of dandelions!!!!


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